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Dryer Vent Cleaning, Repair & Installation

Many people think it is normal when an older dryer loses efficiency and takes several cycles to properly dry clothes. They think this is a sign that their clothes dryer is worn out, which is rarely the case. The reality is, increased drying time is the most common indicator of clogged dryer vents.

Cleaning your dryer vents annually can prevent fires. Most of the lint trapped in the dryer duct will not make it to the dryer vent outside. Eventually, it accumulates and traps heat and moisture while the dryer works overtime do its job. Lint is highly combustible. When the dryer vent system is clogged with lint, the dryer could malfunction, throw a spark and start a fire. This is why regular dryer vent cleaning is recommended.

In addition to proper maintenance, it is important that the dryer vent system meet current safety codes. The vinyl, plastic and flexible foil dryer vent tubes should be replaced with rigid metal material.

With over 17,000 clothes dryer fires reported each year, it is critical to change your dryer vents on a regular basis.

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