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Garage Door Weather Stripping by Done Right Home Pros

Garage door weather stripping, as mundane as it seems, is very important for the insulation of your garage and your house itself (if the garage is connected). Every garage door should have weather stripping . The garage door weather stripping gets lots of wear and tear from the opening and closing of the garage door as well as from changes in the weather. As the wear and tear occurs the sealing of the garage erodes and will let in moist air, cold air, or hot air and effect the climate of the house and raise your energy bills. For example, often the coldest room in a house is one that is over the garage and if the garage door is drafty you will feel it in that room – try feeling how cold the floor of that room is compared to one not above the garage.  Another benefit of having new garage door weather stripping is that you will have less debris in your garage as the stripping will help to diminish the amount that gets in. Garage door weatherstripping is also known as weather seals and astragal. By weatherproofing your garage door, you can save on your energy bill and stay warmer through the winter.

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